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For thirty years, the TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT was considered as the benchmark when it came to tracking down new trends in photography and presenting exceptional images from a variety of styles, techniques and genres. Now the legendary competition has received an equal and highly ambitious follow-up project in the form of MOTIVA Photo.Art.Festival.

Around 75,000 works from 90 countries around the world were submitted to the premiere of the MOTIVA Festival competition by dedicated amateur photographers, artists and professionals. An international jury of experts selected and awarded the prizes. The best works are published in a comprehensive book, the so-called "Luxury Edition". On more than 500 pages, around 2,000 illustrations testify to the exorbitant quality and inventiveness of the world's best photographers.

The dynamism of photography as an art form and its close connection between aesthetics and innovation is a perfect match for the Linz Textil philosophy. The special theme "Clothes make the man" is also under the patronage of Linz Textil at the MOTIVA Festival. It's all about the innovative and creative exploration of our greatest passion: textiles.

Let your eyes do the talking!
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