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Linz Textil is an international company in the textile industry. We are innovative and leaders in technology. As a reliable partner, we also behave responsibly towards our customers, suppliers and employees. In a single document, the Code of Conduct collates the important basic rules and principles that already apply to us today and will continue to be binding in the future. The Code of Conduct applies equally to the Board, the managerial staff and every individual employee in the Linz Textil Group.

Our employees constitute an important element in our corporate success and to a large extent explain the customer confidence and excellent reputation that we enjoy. Precisely for this reason, it is essential to establish clear principles with regard to ethics and morality in business life. By doing so we support our employees in the performance of their business activities upon their own responsibility. As a result of the example demonstrated by every individual, the Code of Conduct represents a fundamental part of our corporate culture.