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Linz Textil acts in harmony with nature and the environment.
We are fully aware of the sensitivity of the eco-system and during our production processes predominantly employ fibres from renewable resources.

Our Mission Statement

Investment in a liveable future is a top LINZ TEXTIL priority, which is why we have committed to taking responsible, entrepreneurial decisions both today and tomorrow. In view of our responsibility to people, society and the environment, economically sustainable operations from a social, economic and ecological standpoint constitute everyday practice within our group and represent an integral part of its corporate culture and business policy.


We treat resources and the environment responsibly and with respect. We safeguard our business location by means of investments in both an ecological and economic sense. Our goal is to employ raw materials in optimum fashion, promote environment-friendly technologies and conserve the resources of our planet. In order to reduce our environmental footprint, all Group companies endeavour and are required to minimize resource consumption and, in particular, reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Environmental Management

Our environmental management includes the avoidance and minimisation of waste, compliance with all environmental regulations and the recording and analysis of the energy resource input/output system. Furthermore, we have a focus upon the design of additional steps aimed at improving the environmental situation at our various locations and continue to develop the recycling of waste products that emanate from our production processes.

Putting people first

People constitute the focal point of our daily activities and we regard a trusting and sustainable approach to employees, customers and suppliers as a matter of course. The sustainability of our personnel policy is achieved through excellent working conditions, need-based benefits and a special emphasis upon developing quality management. This is essential because committed and motivated employees are key to our long-term corporate success.